Get the most out of Online Therapy

Ways to get the most out of Online Therapy


If you're looking to create the right environment for your online therapy sessions then here are some top tips:

  • It doesn't have to be the perfect setting. Where you go doesn't matter. I've performed online sessions to clients from their apartments, from hotel rooms and even from their cars - parked of course!
  • It does have to be private. If someone else is in the room or nearby it may effect the process.
  • Free yourself from distractions. Please silence your mobile or better yet, turn off your phone. If you're using your phone for the therapy session then please ensure do not disturb is on.
  •  If you are using a mobile phone or tablet you will need a strong and reliable signal, so try the connection in the place you are going to use to make sure the signal is strong and reliable enough.
  • Turn your selfie video off. Leaving it on is one of the biggest distractions. If you see yourself throughout the session you will be distracted by monitoring how you look.
  • Use wired or wireless headphones. Not only does it give more privacy, but it ensures that you can hear your therapist clearly. 
  • Go wireless. If you have wireless headphones then even better. You will be able to sit further away and still hear your therapist clearly. Body language is just as important as verbal language, lets not limit ourselves just because we're doing therapy online.
  •  Use a big screen. A therapy session looking at a mobile screen will be effective but your eyes will feel more comfortable looking at a bigger image. Using an iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop PC is recommended.
  • If you are using a desktop, get a recently made HD webcam which will not be pixelated in sessions or use a laptop with an integrated webcam.  For the best results and smoothest experience, run an ethernet cable from your router directly to your computer. 
  • Create enough distance between you and your computer/device so that you can get more than your face into the frame and keep the computer/device on a stationary surface so the image is steady and doesn't move about . So much communication is non-verbal that you’ll miss out of you don’t! This applies to therapists too. 
  • Ideally keep light sources in front of your screen rather than shining from behind you into your camera and the backgrounds behind you neutral and free from moving objects.

I hope the tips above help you to achieve a better online therapy experience. 

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