Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem

“I don’t know why other people can do things and I can’t. It’s always been this way. People just don’t seem to like me. I don’t have any friends. Sometimes people ask me to do stuff but they’re just being polite. No one actually wants me to show up. I’m short and ugly. No wonder no one finds me attractive. I don’t like feeling this way but it’s only cos its true…”

Self-esteem issues are increasingly common in our society. If this kind of thinking seems familiar, speaking to a qualified therapist will help. 



How can we treat Low Self-Esteem?

Working together on low self-esteem starts with exploring the causes. 

We also look carefully and discover your strengths and real value. 

Once we understand why you feel so badly about yourself we work on challenging those thoughts, using the strengths as a basis. 

Over time, you will build new thoughts and habits, changing your opinion of yourself. 

You will be left with greater resilience to feelings of inadequacy and able to take more responsibility for your opinion of yourself in the world today.

I offer all clients a free initial consultation. It gives you a chance to see if this will work for you without charge.

You can book a free and no commitment session by clicking  book now or  contact me  for any questions you may have.  

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